Fuel Oil

We only sell PREMIUM home heating oil. Every gallon of fuel oil transported into our storage tank is treated with an additive designed to provide a more stable and cleaner fuel that is delivered to your home. By having our own storage we are able to accommodate more customer delivery requests. Our customers are offered various delivery and payment options. Will call and automatic customers benefit from the same low price!

Diesel Fuel

If you need fuel for your generator or machinery, we can deliver diesel fuel to your location. It is also available for pickup at our yard. (Customers must provide approved container)


Dyed kerosene is available for pickup or delivery. Customer must provide approved container for pickup at our yard.


Anthracite coal is available for pickup or delivery in 40 lb bags.

We carry nut, stove and pea sized coal for your convenience.


From heating to cooking to pool heaters, we can accommodate your needs with our propane tanks.

You can have your portable propane cylinders filled in our yard. The current price to fill a 20# (gas grill) cylinder is $18.00.


We deliver to the
Gurnet & Saquish areas.

Call us to arrange delivery.